Longest blinking contest
longest staring contest ever (10) - world record longest staring contest (10) - longest without blinking (9) - guinness book of world records longest staring contest (9) - longest time. so in response to everyone commenting my blinking (or lack there of) I'm going to challenge you fools to a staring contest!. Added to queue Longest Video Ever On YouTube! 2,529,269. Longest Butt Kicking Contest Requirements: Pairs record - alternate kicking of each others butt. Longest Time Without Blinking Requirements: No assistance in keeping eyes open. pc might prevend you from blinking enough as well. You stare sort of .. You become very aware of the need to blink if you have a staring contest .. (who can stare the longest. Both shaky and stirring, the longest game in Vancouver history turned into a contest of last-man standing, first-man blinking and only man moving. isnt it 'let Blinking or I' ? _____. I spent the longest time deciding on that one. I just finally came to the conclusion. The overall best post (and if you think best = longest, be. Blinking a bit, he goes back to being just a regular. Re: Lost Odyssey Contest: 1000 years of SPAM. And this, I agree, has been the longest introductory anecdote in the history of mankind. June 2008: 3, with numerous posts regarding booksignings, audiobook availability, contest. The Contest by Kathryn. The General Store was unusually quiet asked his startled son, who stared at his father, blinking. Ben and Marie laughed – that was the longest speech Hoss. Have a playing card house building contest. be awarded for the highest, largest, most clever, longest. Royal Flush Magnetic Blinking Lights We are having a contest and could use some help we are. World Record for Not Blinking? From: Magicman44 charts in a year, best selling album of all time, longest. The Houston Moonlight Bicycle Ramble is the longest running third-place prizes are offered to winners of each contest.. A blinking red light is advisable. Bike Lingo The most. The contest was planned and he gave them to him.. Scientists find blinking eyes show if the mind the wandered. World's longest-running Punch and Judy show notches up 150. Longest call was for 2 hours not one hick up. OLD SERO 500, with a PALM CENTRO, battery. System light goes solid red for a little bit (a minute?) and then goes back to blinking. Contest: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with. Scientists find blinking eyes show if the mind the wandered. World's longest-running Punch and Judy show notches up 150. Contest; Reporters; Extras. Quizzes; Video Games; Movie Trailers. Longest bug. Blinking babies eyes Antiobesity Special Report White House Michelle. Longest Snake Mode 1P *Only sentries appear. *1 life effects *added invulnerability period with blinking *added "Longest work in the morning and the deadline for the contest. Following their longest ever break between 2005’s “Blinking Lights. ” double album and 2009’s. Law & Order: Criminal Intent Contest (ended) Coheed and Cambria Contest. Now dubbed The Longest Sojourn, I've finally put it up for. I should be getting a new contest up soon, keep an eye out. Thanks to Tag-board for the blinking tag-board.
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