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Here you can find some geographic facts and figures about the Caucasian Republic of Armenia.. Learn more about the people populating this interesting country.. Interesting economy facts ». Economy > Overview Since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Armenia has made. Read on further and know some fun and interesting facts about Azerbaijan.. Facts About Armenia » Most recent • Most interesting. armenia clusters. Explore and refine this armenia list. Complete Guide To Armenia Find Armenia Facts, and Things To Do, Your #1 Guide for Armenia Country Armenia: Marz: Lori: Government - Mayor: Samvel Darbinyan: Elevation: 1,424.6 m (4,674. Vanadzor's history dates back to the Bronze Age, with interesting tombs and other material. Interesting Facts: Armenia is famed for its apricots which many consider taste better than anywhere else in the world. Republic of Armenia Flag. A flag guide illustrating interesting facts about the flag of Armenia including a full description. Interesting And Unusual Facts About Snow. Armenia and Turkey: Bridging th. From: Carnegie Endowmen. Reads: 256. jamejam07 — October 22, 2007 — Iran, Armenia urge in their freedom to thank us , but it is really interesting. Added to queue Historical facts Armenia ,Iran, azerbaijan 12,375. An interesting comparison to Morocco, where I remember angry faces demanding money. Hotels in Armenia | Hostels in Armenia | Cheap flights to Armenia | Armenia Facts | Map of. hi nice post man thanks for sharing Interesting facts in the world. August 28, 2009 4:49 AM. Armenia New 100,000 Dram Banknote; Azerbaijan’s National Currency Marks 17th Year In Just Facts; Useful Information; Photogallery. Armenia consists of ten regions which are called Marzes. All the Marzes have many interesting and attractive places to visit. However, anyone who visites Armenia will forever remember the most majestic and noble. Many interesting facts have been discovered and they indirectly confirm the existence of the ark. Some interesting facts and figures about Armenia. Pop Growth Rate / Year: • -0.32% Avg. Life Expectancy: • 67.73 yrs - Male • 75.36 yrs - Female Facts about Armenia . Armenia or Armenian Autonomous Republic is a landlocked country lying in. Interesting information on this topic Information on Armenia I learn some surprising facts. E.g. that out of 7. As I look back to Armenia to re-enter Georia I feel a. I learn also very interesting facts about Millenium Challenge and.
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